“And you will laugh like there is hope in your story” – Ben Howard

Dear World,

Every time I have found myself being traumatized by the impossibility and magnitude of this dream – there has been a profound moment of encouragement. To be honest – I did this out of fear – not faith. And God has proven himself to be “faithful even when we are faithless” (2 Timothy 2 vs 13).

There have been opportunites for accommodation and copious amounts of love and support from people I have never even met. I am in awe of the love that has moved them. Thank you for imparting and investing time and hope into my little scary steps towards my future.

I have some new information to share with you with regards to my financial situtation! It has substantially decreased in size as I have received a scholarship for reduced funds through the John Wycliffe Needs Based Scholarship to the              value of : £6500.





Course and college R 290 587, 50 £23 105 – 6500 = 16 605
Estimated living costs 218 750 £12 500
Flights R 9000 £514, 28

Tier 4 Visa

R 9 327.50 £533
Donations R12 757,50 £729
GEPF/ savings R 100 000 £6000
 Anonymous Donor  R90 000 £5000
HAVE: R 202 757,50
TOTAL NEEDED:  £30 152, 28 – 11 729 = 
 GRAND TOTAL: R 322 407, 40

£18 423, 28

In summary:

I, in essence need the university and college value more than anything else. That has brought me down to needing a total of:

R 290 587, 50 – R 106 380 – R90 000=R 94 207, 50

The scary part of this is that I need to prove that I can get the R 184 207, 50 by 30 June 2017 otherwise I will have to forfeit my place. SO please pray for me for my loan endevours and fundraising capabilities!

Thank you everyone! I am overwhelmed with gratitude!

Please look at my gogetfunding page at https://gogetfunding.com/help-get-crystal-from-south-africa-to-oxford-university/ to help via PayPal if you are an international reader of my blog!

Thank you so much for the support!


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