What’s the damage?

Dear World,

I am overwhelmed by the deep love and ridiculous amounts of support and encouragement that I have received – thank you for every voice note, every message, every like and share and hug and contribution.

The financial side is so awful but it is the reality and the reality is that I have decided to go – and a loan of R 250 000 is what I am in the process of convincing the bank I deserve. Haha. SO if I do not raise the necessary funds – I am going with my loan of a larger value in hand! Alas.

For the sake of transparency and welcoming you into the crevices of my journey – I am going to give a detailed breakdown of my funds and how I plan on achieving my goals.

The costs I need are as follows:

Course fee:

£ 23 105 = R 404 337, 50

Living costs:

£12500 (Estimate) = R 218 750

Tier 4 Visa:

£533 = R 9 327, 5


£ 514, 28 = R 9000 (return)

An excruciating total of : R 641 415


My savings:
R 11 000 (Private retirement fund)
R 86 000 (Government pension fund)
R 3000 (Savings Account)
R 5880 (Current Donation Status) (FROM JUST ONE DAY – INCREDIBLE)
How much I still need: (Laughable but still – there is hope!) R 535 535.

I am still waiting to hear back about two grant opportunities through my Rotary District (Oxford District matches what they raise) and through the Needs Based Scholarship that Wycliffe Hall offers- I should hear back by the end of this week. So there is quite a bit of hope there. My investigations into further funding is ongoing – any information with regards to this will be truly appreciated!

On the Tier 4 Visa, I am still investigating this, but, what I have discovered is that I can work for 9 hours a week so I am hoping to cover living costs this way and essentially cover course costs through the loan and crowdfunding.

In the event of returning the funds – I am praying this will not have to happen – my plan is to pay everything back. So – in the event – that the Lord says no – I will humbly and obediently pay back all the money – that will sadly only be able to be made known on my blog and Facebook pages which means contributors will need to tell me how much they paid in order for me to return the funds – but so far I have only had one anonymous donor so I can pay back the others if all else fails.

I am infinitely grateful for your love and support – my heart is so happy by the love I have received and I pray that this will be an encouragement to everyone contending for their own dreams; in that you will know that people love you and they are so willing to get involved in helping you achieve your dreams!



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